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"Sean has helped reduce my migraines more than any practitioner ever has. He has also decreased by bladder pain by half. I receive acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, acupressure and take herbs. Making a commitment to do the full course of the treatment was the best decision. Sean is gentle, thorough, considerate and more than this professional and highly skilled."   - Denise


“My dad and grandad died of prostate cancer. I started having trouble urinating and my PSA started rising a few years ago. My urologist offered me finasteride to block testosterone. The side effects are not great. I've worked in research for 40 years and the outcomes for this treatment are not great either. I saw research supporting acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and I started getting regular acupuncture. Sean set me up with an herbal formula, and I have to say I have been peeing great ever since. After 6 months my PSA dropped back to normal. At my last visit the urologist said not to come back for a year or two. I still get acupuncture every so often but mainly I keep up with the herbs to maintain my health."       -D.G.


"I've been very happy with the results of the herbs. I was taking Lisinopril and HTCZ and my blood pressure was still reaching 180. I started taking the herbs Sean prescribed, and after two weeks my blood pressure was stable at 130/80. I was able to get off the HTCZ which was keeping me up at night. I'm still taking a low dose of the herbs for maintenance, but it's a big relief to have my BP normal. I'm sleeping better and my hand swelling from RA has gone down a lot since starting the herbs."  - Brian


"I went in to see Sean with a lingering case of pneumonia that even strong antibiotics had not cleared up. Sean was able to fit me in for three treatments that week and he also prescribed Chinese herbs. From the first treatment and dose of the herbs I immediately began to improve and by the end of the week my cough and chest congestion were nearly gone. After few more days on the herbs, my follow-up chest X-ray showed no further sign of pneumonia. 
I found Sean to be very knowledgeable, caring and professional. I recommend him most highly to anyone seeking highly effective alternative healthcare."  - Marcia



"Sean has an amazing in-depth knowledge of Chinese herbs that is a great resource for helping address ailments with a natural approach - the herbs work great and have no side effects. He is able to zero in on the issues and find ways to get rid of the underlying cause - and the combination of expertise in both acupuncture and herbs is hard to come by in most practitioners."      - Eva

"I am so happy with the results of Sean's care. Cronic neck pain has almost disappeared. My over health has greatly improved and diet is also improved. I highly recommend Sean. His knowledge is priceless."  - Jennifer

"Sean Dugan, Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Specialist might also be called “Miracle Worker”! When my son suggested I try seeing a Chinese Medicine specialist, I found Sean when he was still in Iowa, through an internet search. I had suffered with acid reflux for many years and the only relief I had been able to find was with a popular over the counter medication, that carried very undesirable side effect with long term use. In addition to other health issues, I also had constant shoulder pain. After four plus months of herbal treatment, not only have I been able to discontinue the use of “drugs” for my acid reflux, I can happily say, the acid reflux is GONE! And, with his gentle approach in acupuncture, my shoulder pain is also GONE! My over all health and well being has improved significantly! I highly recommend Sean! Iowa’s loss is Idaho’s gain!"

        - Kathleen W.

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