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Our Xiao Yao San + formula offered in a granule form for easy traveling and quick preparation. 100 grams of granule extract.


Xiao Yao San is one of the most popular formulas in modern times, and for good reason. It can really take the edge off when stress is getting the best of us. Xiao Yao San means "Free and Easy Wanderer," named for an old story which follows a man who teaches a philosophy of living without letting roadblocks of stress, grief, sadness, anxiety, etc stand in our way longer than they need to. 


Xiao Yao San was formulated to be taken as a tea - with the herbs freshly ground into a powder. And that's exactly how we make it. This preserves volatile oils and compounds that are lost in pills and most common Xiao Yao San products sold. In addition, we add several important herbs to help settle the Heart, Mind, and Emotions even better. 


Take the edge off, kick back, and ride the waves of life a little easier with Xiao Yao San +. 


50, 3 gram teabags.


Ingredients: Albizzia bark (He Huan Pi), Salvia miltiorrhiza root (Dan Shen), Bupleurum root (Chai Hu), Atractylodes root (Bai Zhu), toasted Ginger rhizome (Pao Jiang), Mint leaf (Bo He), Opiopogon tuber (Mai Men Dong, Peony root (Bai Shao), Angelica root (Dang Gui), Poria (Fu Ling), Schizandra berry (Wu Wei Zi), Honey-fried Licorice (Zhi Gan Cao).  


Corresponding Chinese Medicine pattern: Liver Qi stagation, Spleen Qi Deficiency, Liver Blood Deficiency, Heart Blood deficiency and Blood stagnation. 

Xiao Yao San + | Granule

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