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100 grams granule extract. 


Clear Lung: Fire is our in-house herbal formula to support respiratory and cardiovascular health during times of air pollution. Air pollution can negatively impact healthy and sick people alike, so we have combined time-tested Chinese herbal formulas for supporting lung and heart health. 


Protect the heart, lungs, and lymphatic function with Clear Lung: Fire.

This formula may help with feelings of tight chest, shortness of breath, red and irritated eyes, and foggy head related to smoke inhalation. While this formula was designed in response to fire-smoke pollution, it may also be suitable for general air pollution and smog exposure. 


Ingredients: Saliva miltiorhizza root (Dan Shen), Pseudoginseng root (San Qi), Opiopogon tuber (Mai Men Dong), Schizandra fruit (Wu Wei Zi), Lumbricus (Di Long), White Lily bulb (Bai He), Apricot kernel (Xing Ren), Mulberry Leaf (Sang Ye), Trichosanthes Fruit (Gua Lou), Belacamda rhizome (She Gan), Platycodon root (Jie Geng), Bombx batrix (Jiang Can), Tangerine peel (Chen Pi). 


Note: Di Long, which comes from Lumbricus, earthworm, and Jiang Can, which comes from silkworm, may not be suitable for vegans. However, Di Long and Jiang Can are indispensible herbs for respiratory and lymphatic function, which is why they are included in this formula. 


Clear Lung: Fire | Granule

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