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COVID19 Information

COVID19 Clinic Procedures



1) Patients will self-screen using the CDC COVID19 self-assessment tool or other similar assessment before appointments. 

2) Patients will not come to the clinic if they show signs of COVID19 or other respiratory illness. Patients have the option of being treated via telemedicine if they cannot come in due to illness. 

3) Mask policy: as of 8/15/21 our staff has returned to wearing masks due to the increased community transmission of the Delta variant. We are wearing masks to help prevent transmission to unvaccinated patients. Our clinic is not requiring patients to wear masks. Our staff is fully vaccinated against COVID19. We recommend that all patients who are able to get the COVID19 vaccine, should get it for their own health and the health of the community. Getting the COVID19 vaccine is, without a doubt, a dramatically lower risk choice than getting COVID19. It's recommended that unvaccinated patients wear a mask. This policy is subject to change as we monitor the situation. 


We are grateful to our patients for respecting and following our clinic's procedures.

- Sheets and pillowcases are changed between patients, as always. 

- Surfaces are cleaned with virucidal agents between patients. 

- HEPA filters are run 24/7. 

- Sean and Mara have both been vaccinated for COVID19. 

COVID19 and Chinese Herbal Medicine

We do not claim to treat or cure COVID19. COVID19 is a serious medical condition and should be treated by your primary or emergency care doctors. 

Chinese Herbal Medicine has been used worldwide to support patients with acute and chronic symptoms resulting from COVID19. Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment may help prevent worsening of symptoms in patients with mild symptoms.


In our clinical experience thus far, none of our patients with acute COVID19 who were treated with Chinese herbal medicine went on to develop chronic symptoms. With regard to patients with chronic symptoms, ie long covid or long-haulers, we have treated more than 10 patients for chronic fatigue, loss of taste and smell, chronic shortness of breath and chest pain, palpitations, and chronic cough all with good results. 

Chinese Herbal Medicine does not treat or cure COVID19 or SARS-Cov2. Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine supports homeostatic balance, innate immunity, detoxification processes, normal blood and fluid circulation, and supports the body's innate healing response. Patients are evaluated and treated on an individual basis with individualized herbal formulas based on presenting symptoms, as is the case with all other conditions. For patients with acute infections, evaluations are done via telemedicine and herbal formulas mailed to patients. Chinese Medicine treatment will not be given to patients with moderate to severe symptoms. Patients with chronic symptoms may be treated via telemedicine or in person if it has been more than 14 days since symptoms onset, and more than 24 hrs since any fever or fever reducing medications, and symptoms have improved - per CDC guidelines.